Frequently Asked Questions


We will be using cover sheets as needed and protect your furniture and belongings from getting a paint.

We can start from where you like us to be. But if the house is empty we will make our project plan and start from the most efficient space.

It all depends on the amount of work needs to be done for each room if there is repairs, plaster work etc and more then one quote We will need some extra time. Usually we are able to finish 3 rooms and a living room in one day.

No, we do not put paint in your closets or cabinets unless you want us to paint those areas.

We can arrange a work map so you can have a no paint areas in the house to sleep as we work otherwise you can choose how you wish to proceed.

You can move the items or we can do it for with an extra fee.

you will need to move all the arts and hangings from the walls.

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